Please have your flight documents, ID or passport, and visa (if required) ready. A number of airlines also let you check in online. We recommend that you arrive at the airport and complete check-in two to three hours ahead of time (depending on your destination).

Check-in Machines

Some airlines let you check in yourself using a machine. At Frankfurt Airport they are red and yellow and can be found at various locations in both terminals and the long-distance train station. After completing check-in, you can then drop off your bags at one of your airline’s designated counters. If you are traveling with carry-on luggage only, after checking in you can proceed directly to the gate (via the security checkpoint).

Evening-Before Check-in

To get your trip off to a relaxed start, some airlines allow you to check in and drop off your luggage the evening before your flight. This is a very useful and convenient service, especially for families, groups, and senior citizens with multiple and/or heavy luggage items. Please consult the table on pages 12-15 to see whether your airline offers evening-before check-in.