At Frankfurt Airport, all passengers with a valid boarding pass can purchase a wide variety of attractively priced merchandise in the Duty Free and Travel Value stores. Shop, save, and enjoy!

Nice Things Can Be This Affordable!

The products sold in the Duty Free and Travel Value shops at Frankfurt Airport are up to 30% cheaper than in ordinary stores in Germany! Special offers, which change monthly, let you save another 30%.

Discover unique products that are only available in the Duty Free & Travel Value shops at Frankfurt Airport! Limited editions, special sizes, and products with a history: treat yourself to items that no one else has! The shops carry a diverse range of products, from perfumes and cosmetics across liquors, sweets and tobacco goods all the way to fine foods and accessories.

You can also reserve your favorite products online at and then pick them up in a Duty Free or Travel Value shop on the way to your departure gate.

All merchandise naturally complies with the applicable security regulations. The sales staff seal your liquid products in special plastic bags that you may not open until you reach your final destination. They are of course also subject to the applicable customs limits and regulations.