At Frankfurt Airport, FraCareServices provides free person- alized assistance for passengers with disabilities or restricted mobility. To take advantage of this service, please contact your airline or travel agent at least 48 hours prior to your flight. For security reasons, it is not possible for you to book this service directly.

Parking for disabled persons is available in parking facility P 4 at Terminal 1 and parking facility P 8 at Terminal 2. Simply follow the signs. If you’re arriving or leaving by train, you can obtain assistance by calling the Mobility Service Office of Deutsche Bahn at +49 180 6512512 (€0.20 per call).*

On the day of your departure, go to your airline’s check-in counter as usual, or to one of the call points to notify the service that you have arrived. There are call points around the terminals (please see the map on page 42). Please press the call button to talk to the mobility service.

Tip: Porter and Escort Service for EveryoneYou can reserve a personal porter or escort to accompany you to your destination comfortably via the shortest route. For more information, go to, Services from A–Z.

Strollers (Pushchairs)

Strollers can be borrowed free of charge. They make it much easier to get around the terminals with a small child. There are pickup points in each terminal, and if you are departing or changing planes in Frankfurt you can simply leave the stroller at the gate before boarding, where our staff will collect it.

Carry-On Luggage

If your child is younger than three years, you may carry the amounts of baby food and beverages that are needed for the entire trip on board with you. Please note that you must take them out for inspection at the security check.

We recommend that you take the following items: your child’s favorite stuffed animal, a coloring book and crayons, snacks, any required medications, and candy or chewing gum to help them pop their ears to relieve the pressure during takeoff and landing. Toy weapons may not be taken on board.